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Testimonials from our Families.

I can’t thank Cornerstone enough for all their help with our son. Their support and guidance has not only helped him tremendously, but also our whole family. He continues to make great progress and I appreciate you helping me, help him. We’ll remember you when he is President of a company one day. --Jennifer.


 Our son was considered significantly delayed in his development at 15 months. He began working with Cornerstone Family Services at 18 months and continued with them until he was 3 years old. His Therapist did an excellent job of meeting his needs during each session. She always went above and beyond for him. I would highly recommend Cornerstone to all parents. --Mother of AG


Thank you so much for helping Jenna use her words, take turns, share and play with her friends. We appreciate your help and positive encouragement. Thanks for all your support over the past 3 years! She would not be the "little person" she is today with out her learning experiences with Ms. Suzanne... We are very thankful for all your guidance, flexibility and postive attitude. Jenna has really enjoyed her time with you. I know how excited she is to see you! Thanks for caring so much about her development and about her reaching her full potential. Jennifer a wonderful and loving mother.


Our daughter Mia, was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months and Lisa has worked with her ever since.   Lisa played a big part in helping get Mia out of her shell and able to communicate with us and others.   She also taught us as parents what to do and also how to proceed with her in the future.  This was priceless to us.    It is overwhelming to find out your child has something as complex as Autism and Lisa made things a lot easier for us to understand and help her.   Mia now talks, is generally happy and plays with other kids all the time. (She just turned 3)  This is in a big part thanks to Lisa! Parents of Mia.


Our son was born with a many health issues and Suzanne was so understanding about all his hospitalizations and so caring often calling to check in on him and us. Suzanne was so gentle and nurturing we knew we did not have alot of time with our baby and she showed us how to take each moment and treasure it, every smile, every coo, everytime he looked at us she showed us how he changed our lives forever. We had a short time with him and we treasured every moment. Now Heaven has a new and amazing angel. Mommy and Daddy of Justin.


Rita thanks for everything you have done for me and my baby. I am so grateful for you. We cannot express our gratitude. May the Lord keep blessing you as you keep blessing all of us that you pour your hardwork into. You are truly appreciated. Mom of 2 year old with Autism.


We worked with Suzanne Germann for in home developmental therapy for our 2 year old daughter. Kelsey made tremendous progress in a very short period of time. Suzanne is an expert when it comes to working with children and their parents. We learned so much from watching Suzanne work with Kelsey. She provided us with tons of information and gave us many tips and strategies to help us through a very difficult time. Suzanne is extremely knowledgeable, and professional. It was a pleasure having her in our home. Because of Suzanne, Kelsey is well on her way to continued developmental progress.