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What We Do

Building foundations to grow on" starts at the home, but we are all well aware of the need to go outside and "live" a family life.


In working with each individual family, we create a plan to work with you no matter were life takes you. We treat each family and each child as a member of our own family and work within the family unit to assist with understanding and support.


Our highly trained therapists are very knowledgeable and have several years experience with children who have diverse needs. From behavioral issues to specialized care we work with each family to create a plan that suites their specific situation.


We specialize in supporting families who are concerned about their child's development and provide community-based rehabilitative support to children from birth to three years of age. Services and programs are provided with a fun and playful atmosphere where you child are available at your home, in our center, daycare provider, and any location your life takes you.


Cornerstone uses various therapeutic techniques, including play therapy, to promote cognitive, social, self-help, sensory-based play, and early communication activities with an emphasis on increasing positive behaviors. Cornerstone supports a variety of community events such as the Buddy Walk and Autism Speaks.